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How Furnace Spring Cleaning Reduces Energy Bills

As a resident of Clinton Township, MI, you rely on your furnace to help you combat the cold weather in winter. Every time you use it, though, you also use a small amount of energy. While replacing it with a modern HVAC system and a smart thermostat can save you money, so will cleaning it. See how spring cleaning your furnace can help you use less energy and get smaller energy bills.

Make it More Efficient

A good reason to add furnace cleaning to your maintenance list is that it makes the system more efficient. Cleaning the whole system involves both the filter and the ducts. If your filter shows some sign of wear and tear, you can replace it with a new one. You may even find a better filter that collects more particles from your air. Cleaning the ducts provides better airflow, too. This helps your furnace use less energy.

Get Better Distribution

Do you run your furnace on a cold day and find that it doesn’t heat your entire home? One issue you might face is cold spots. They can occur in one or more rooms, and they’re a sign that your system isn’t running efficiently. Even if your house doesn’t have cold spots, you may notice that some rooms just aren’t as warm as they should be. Spring furnace cleaning helps you achieve the heat distribution you need. You won’t need to run the furnace as long to evenly distribute the heat.

Use Other Devices Less

Having an air purifier helps you battle the pollutants and hazards in Tallahassee. However, running an air purifier also costs you money. While modern units are energy efficient, they can still increase your energy bills every month. Cleaning your furnace allows its filter to collect more particles so that fewer reach the purifier, helping you save on the cost of operating it.

Uncover Bad Parts

Another way furnace cleaning helps you save on your energy bills is that it lets you uncover defective or damaged parts. Those parts cause the furnace to work harder to maintain the comfort level you want. The harder it works, the more energy it uses and wastes. While you may not find the bad parts yourself, a technician can find them for you. They can even replace them in hours or less.

You don’t need to waste a lot of money running your furnace this year. Just add cleaning it to your spring cleaning checklist. Cleaning helps you find damaged parts, get better heat distribution, and make your furnace run more efficiently. Contact North Wind Heating & Air Conditioning in Clinton Township, MI to quickly schedule spring furnace cleaning and furnace repairs.