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Air Conditioning: Know the Risks

Summer means spending time outdoors enjoying the beautiful weather, and it means your air conditioner must work hard. Many do not think about air conditioners as posing a possible risk to your family, but there are a few things you need to know. Before you turn on your air conditioner this season, you might want to have a professional check for these issues.

1. Fire and Faulty Wires

Your air conditioning does not get used all year, and things can happen to it when it is not in use. Over winter, animals might try to build nests or homes in your condenser unit. They can also chew on wires and cause them to become faulty. Also, ice buildup can damage your condenser. This can lead to an electrical fire hazard when you turn the unit on for the first time. Calling a professional to make sure your air conditioner is still in proper working condition before you turn it on can help prevent fire hazards.

2. Chemical Exposure

Another thing that happens to air conditioners over the winter is that they can be subjected to freezing temperatures and drastic temperature fluctuations. This can damage condenser coils and cause them to crack. This can cause a refrigerant leak. Some refrigerants use coolants that can be harmful to your lungs and the environment.

Newer refrigerants are considered to be less damaging to your health than older ones, but they are also flammable. A tiny leak, or one located on the interior of the unit, can go unnoticed. Leaks can damage your unit and cause it to malfunction. This is why it is important to have a professional inspect your air conditioner for leaks before the season begins.

3. Mold and Allergies

The filtration system on your air conditioner works hard to remove contaminants like dust, pollen, and other allergens from the air. Clogged filters can cause it to malfunction and allow these things to enter your home. Filters that are clogged can also trap moisture and harbor mold growth. These are things that you do not want coming into your home, even if you do not have allergies. A professional can change your filters and make sure your air conditioner is letting nothing but cool, clean air into your residence. Taking a few precautions is well worth the small amount of effort.

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