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These Signs Are Telling You to Replace Your AC Now

Heating and air conditioning unit

After running all summer, it’s common for an AC unit to start to experience some issues. Constantly running the unit increases the chance of a breakdown or malfunction. That’s when many customers question whether a repair or replacement is better. Here are the signs that AC replacement is better than paying another repair bill. The […]

8 Ways HVAC Maintenance Can Save You Money

While everyone is conscious of their finances these days, the benefits of routine maintenance for your HVAC system outweigh the cost by a mile. Small repairs over time are a more cost-effective option to avoid the expense of larger repairs or having to replace your entire system altogether later. Here are a few ways that […]

Common Furnace Issues: How to Identify and Fix Them

A person changing an air filter on a high efficiency furnace

Furnace problems can be annoying and potentially dangerous. Fortunately, regular maintenance and proper attention can prevent most common furnace issues and help you avoid costly repairs. Some common issues include dirty filters, thermostat problems, and pilot light issues. Dirty Filters One of the most common issues with furnaces is the need to provide more airflow. […]