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These Signs Are Telling You to Replace Your AC Now

After running all summer, it’s common for an AC unit to start to experience some issues. Constantly running the unit increases the chance of a breakdown or malfunction. That’s when many customers question whether a repair or replacement is better. Here are the signs that AC replacement is better than paying another repair bill.

The Amount and Cost of Repairs

The number of times a technician comes to your house to repair a broken AC unit is a deciding factor. An air conditioner technician should visit your home once a year to maintain your unit. Older units may require two or three visits per year. However, if a technician comes to your house four times or more a year, it’s time to consider an AC replacement.

Meanwhile, the repair bill for each trip is a deal-breaker for many. You pay for parts, labor, the service call, and taxes. Each time a technician visits your home, you pay a bill comprising those four pieces. Add those totals for every call in the past year to see if the total paid to salvage an aging AC unit should go toward a new one. A new unit needs less maintenance, and it also includes manufacturer and company warranties in case of a breakdown.

Lasting Past Its Prime

The lifespan of an AC unit is between 10 and 15 years. Well-maintained units can last 20 or even 25 years. If your unit is past the 10- to 15-year mark, it’s time to consider a replacement.

Miscommunication With the Thermostat

The thermostat and the air conditioner must work together to cool a home. If the air conditioner and thermostat are no longer communicating, then one component isn’t working properly. If the thermostat appears to be in good working order, then the issue is most likely with the AC unit. Check if the system is producing uneven cooling in rooms or short cycles. The miscommunication combined with the unit’s age and need for frequent repairs makes replacement a good option.


There’s some moisture inside an AC unit, but it’s not supposed to leak outside. A puddle of water around the air conditioner is worrying. A broken or overflowing drain pan, a frozen evaporator coil, a clogged condensate line, or a leaky refrigerant line are the most probable causes. Leaks affect your energy bill and can cause mold growth. A repair or replacement for any of those components doesn’t come cheap. If any of those parts break down, consider a replacement.

As a local, family-owned business, we’re the team to rely on for quality AC replacement. We’ll work with you to find an air conditioner that suits your budget, home size, and energy needs. A technician will install the unit, test it, clean up the work area, and suggest regular tune-ups to keep it running smoothly. Of course, if you prefer AC repair, we can do that, too. Contact North Wind Heating & Air Conditioning for more information about our air conditioner replacement services in Clinton Township, MI.