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Technician checking the operation of the air conditioner

5 Tips to Stay Safe During AC Replacement Services

When you need to replace your AC, an ideal situation is to replace it before summer arrives. However, another vital consideration whenever you replace your unit is following some essential safety tips. The safer you keep everything during this process, the less likely you are to have accidents.

1. Keep Kids Away From the Unit

Kids are often curious about things best left alone. When kids decide to play near air conditioning units, they can get in the way of technicians servicing the unit.

Children may also injure themselves when playing with tools left within reach or trying to put toys in outlets. The best way to prevent these kinds of accidents is to keep kids occupied elsewhere while your unit is being replaced.

2. Disconnect Power Sources During Servicing

Technicians remember this step when replacing a unit. Keeping the power disconnected during the installation prevents damage or serious injury.

However, household members will do well to remember not to reconnect these sources before the installation has finished. Tasks that require using electrical devices are best performed after the unit is installed.

3. Confine Your Pets While AC Technicians Are Present

Having pets at large during an AC installation presents some of the same issues as unsupervised children being present. Pets may nose around exposed wires or outlets as well as get underfoot.

A possible issue is that undersocialized dogs who are nervous around strangers may bite or nip. Keeping your pets confined prevents this issue for the most part and prevents accidental escapes outside.

4. Make Note of Odd Sounds or Smells

An odd sound or smell is cause for concern when it comes to your AC unit. Anything out of the ordinary should be brought to the technician’s attention in case the issue is anything serious.

If there has been any leakage near the Unit, ask the technician for advice on how to clean the area. You want to eliminate these smells without causing further damage.

5. Move Furniture That Could Be a Problem

There should always be sufficient clearance between the indoor air handler and your furniture. Moving any problematic furniture ensures that the technicians can access the handler.

Refrain from moving anything to a spot obstructing the vents. Obstructing the airflow can contribute to other issues once the unit is on, including higher indoor temperatures contributing to health problems.

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